How To Make A Reindeer Hair Clip

Peindeer hair clip project


bullet Plastic Hair Clip
bullet Gold Chenille Stem
bullet 2 x  10 mm  eyes
bullet 1″ Hole Pom pom Beige
bullet 0.5″ Glitter pom pom red
bullet PVA Glue


bullet Cut your Glitter Chenille stem in half. (one stem will do for two reindeer)
bullet Cut your half a pipe cleaner in half again
bullet Thread one piece of pipe cleaner through the hole in the pom pom by pushing the plastic insert out as you thread the antler through the hole.
bullet with the remaining half a pipe cleaner. cut it into three equal pieces then cut one length in half again.
bullet You will have two long and two short pieces of chenille.
bullet Wrap a long and short piece of chenille around each side to complete the antlers
bullet Use PVA glue to stick the eyes and nose to the face.
bullet Stick the Head onto the hair clip.

A quick and easy project made in minutes. you can stick the head to anything. Try sticking it to a magnet or on a greeting card.

A quick and easy project suitable for children



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