Halloween Craft Workshop

October 13, 2015


Halloween Crafts

Children aged 11+

Thursday 1.30-3pm cost £7.50 per class

Children age 5+(p1 )

Friday 1.30-2.30pm cost £6.50 per class

Kidscraft Classes

August 25, 2015

IMG_0641IMG_0238IMG_0234IMG_0244IMG_0668IMG_0670Craft Class


for age 5 upwards


Saint Patrick Day Favour bags

March 18, 2015

IMG_0615 IMG_0613Favours for a Saint Patrick Day celebration dinner

I hope everyone enjoyed their evening

These can also be used for birthday or wedding favours


Dragon Puppet

March 17, 2015

Kidscraft Classes Dragon Puppet


Lainesworld Christmas gifts for all ages

November 16, 2014

IMG_1853IMG_1875 blogIMG_1879blogIMG_1874blogIMG_1680blogIMG_1676blogIMG_1878

Christmas gift ideas for all ages in lainesworld shop now

Christmas Baubles project for all ages

November 10, 2014

IMG_0361 IMG_0370IMG_0368IMG_0365












Easy projects for all ages

Painted and decorated Christmas baubles















How To Make Spooky Haloween projects

October 14, 2014

SAM_0696 SAM_0713 SAM_0697 SAM_0686 SAM_0694 SAM_0700 SAM_0705 SAM_0723SAM_0715

Use a cork and wrap a finger gauze bandage around it draw eyes with glow in the pens to make the spider wrap black wool around the cork and glue on pipe cleaners for legs
scrunch up a piece of newspaper cover with black paper attach pipe cleaners for legs and use glow in the dark pens for eyes and extra effect
use a small oval Styrofoam shape and cover with paint or black paper cut out bat wings and glue oval on to wings use glow in the dark pens for eyes and lines on wings
Fold a white pipe cleaner in half twist it around a tiny oval Styrofoam shape or cardboard shape this will be body and arms fold another pipe cleaner in half and twist around body this makes the legs


Pebeo Fantasy Paint

September 3, 2014

SAM_0927 SAM_0929 IMG_0256 IMG_0102 IMG_0110

Pebeo fantasy paint simply drop paint on and watch it flow when it is dry it looks and feels like enamel





I used small wooden frames wooden shapes wooden faces and wooden  letters

Drop the shapes into the paint while still wet and they will stay in place as the paint hardens



wedding cake and wedding bouquet

June 23, 2014

IMG_2864Our daughters wedding cake and wedding bouquets

Cake was made by Helen formerly of Enticing Icing

It was stunning it had royal icing too!

The beautiful flowers were made by Lorna of Floral Request in Old Meldrum

Lorna was a true star as I previously mentioned that I found out I could no longer work with  fresh flowers Lorna came to my rescue and designed the bouquets. table flowers and the arrangement for the service



cakeandflowerssus bouqeut close

Christmas Makes and Bakes

December 28, 2011

ginger bread house box


Mini Christmas cake
ginger bread houses

ginger bread houses

ginger bread man and mincemeat pies

ginger bread man and mincemeat pies

mini ginger bread man chocolate and marzipan sweeties

mini ginger bread man chocolate and marzipan sweeties

star candle holders

star candle holders

spool snowmen

spool snowmen

christmas pot with reindeer food

christmas pot with reindeer food

christmas pencils

christmas pencils

beeswax candles

beeswax candles


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