Saint Patrick Day Favour bags

March 18, 2015

IMG_0615 IMG_0613Favours for a Saint Patrick Day celebration dinner

I hope everyone enjoyed their evening

These can also be used for birthday or wedding favours


wedding cake and wedding bouquet

June 23, 2014

IMG_2864Our daughters wedding cake and wedding bouquets

Cake was made by Helen formerly of Enticing Icing

It was stunning it had royal icing too!

The beautiful flowers were made by Lorna of Floral Request in Old Meldrum

Lorna was a true star as I previously mentioned that I found out I could no longer work with  fresh flowers Lorna came to my rescue and designed the bouquets. table flowers and the arrangement for the service



cakeandflowerssus bouqeut close

Wedding Favours and Cards

October 31, 2011

An  assortment of designs for wedding cards or invites

Lattice basket with heather and almonds with a small heather and thistle corsage attached to basket with hot glue gun (wire can be used )

Flower with almonds using net petals with almonds inside  Tartan ribbon and heather and thistle corsage  are held and  the petals are placed around the corsage and wired together to form the flower white or green florist tape is wrapped around the stem 

Organza bag with night light bag painted to match bridesmaids dress using pebeo silk and fabric paints- tartan ribbon rosette ( thread ribbon at one edge and pull both sides to form a rosette)glue or sew on a small ribbon rosebud and attach rosette to bag 

Lace and pop out wedding card

October 18, 2011

Lace wedding card using diecut -pop out in the middle of the inner tartan ribbon and mini horseshoe down the front and both sides inside-peel off stickers -silver heart charm hangs from heart aperture(pop out) 

thistle and heather corsage glued onto lace heart die cut bride and grooom glued onto card with another layered on top(decoupaged)

scottish wedding card/invite

May 22, 2011

Pearlescent card Tartan ribbon Mini thistle Peel off sticker or rubber stamp greeting  Scottish themed weddding card/invite

wedding invitation

April 1, 2010
wedding rings

wedding ringswedding invitation

wedding invitation

wedding invitation

wedding invitation glue a strip of ribbon acrosss top of card with frosted glitter peel off on top of ribbon glue three layers of alternate card squares and two silver coloured wedding rings interlocked together glued on top attach peel off border  around the outer sqaure

wedding invitation

March 30, 2010
wedding celtic topper

wedding celtic topper

wedding invitation
wedding invitation

Three fold wedding invitation using tags ,bags and boxes cartridge and design studio.cut card blank using a scalloped tag cut on blackout.Fold card so that the bottom half is slightly bigger than the top attach the topper to a circle of coloured card and attach to card cut rectangles of alternate card and attach to card stamp or use a peel off for wedding invitation type and print insert and glue into card     

Filigree Wedding Invitation

March 30, 2010
Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation
wedding invitation
filigree wedding invitation
Three fold wedding invitation using several alternate coloured squares of card with a filigree topper and a strass stone
The wedding details are typed and printed onto card and glued inside card
Alternatively the bottom flap can be glued  at the outer sides and details printed onto card and placed inside the pocket 

Wedding Invitation

March 30, 2010
wedding invitation

wedding invitation

Three fold Wedding invitation with diamante buckle

fold a4 white card in half  fold half of card to a5 this will be the flap Fold other half in half to a5 Put ribbon through the buckle and attach to the flap .Cut black rectangle 2.75″x2.5″ and another in white slightly smaller approx 2.5″x2.25″ attach white rectangle onto black rectangle and attach to the top flap of the card.use a wedding invitation peel off or a rubber stamp onto white rectangle.Type and print  wedding inviation details onto white card or paper and attach to black card cut to fit inside the bottom flap (make white slighlty smaller than black)     

diamante buckle wedding invitation

diamante buckle

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