Gatefold 3d card

September 26, 2011

butterfly/Flower card

September 25, 2011

butterfly card

accent essentials cricut cartridge weld shapes using gypsy cut assorted flowers and layer.Arrange butterflies around card

Bouquet cake

September 25, 2011

bouquet cake

Basketball Cake

September 25, 2011

Basketball cake handmade by Carole Basketball Novelty cake

Scrap a Frame

September 25, 2011

Scrap a Frame

kumihimoo braiding disc

September 19, 2011

Use funky foam to make your very own Kumihimo(braiding disc)kumihimoo11








cut 3 discs mark out as per diagram cut a slit at end of each line cut a hole in the middle  of each disc -refer to diagram start with a s (this is the start) then number the slits 1-7

take  7  strands of cord/thread and tie a lose knot at one end place cords through the hole in the disc and fix to disc   —

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