Pebeo Fantasy Paint

September 3, 2014

SAM_0927 SAM_0929 IMG_0256 IMG_0102 IMG_0110

Pebeo fantasy paint simply drop paint on and watch it flow when it is dry it looks and feels like enamel





I used small wooden frames wooden shapes wooden faces and wooden  letters

Drop the shapes into the paint while still wet and they will stay in place as the paint hardens



Colzy’s Clock

February 22, 2012


cd clock

cd clock using fantasy paints

Clock made with  a recycled cd painted with Pebeo Fantasy Paints mounted onto Mount board covered with music paper on outer edge and black in middle   clockwork  movements attached   
Decorated with music stickers and clock numbers with a top coat of Pebeo Glazing Resin
Fantasy Prism or Moon Paints can be poured or dropped on with a dropper the paint magically moved around  when dry at is a fantastic enamelled work of art 

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