How To Make Spooky Haloween projects

October 14, 2014

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Use a cork and wrap a finger gauze bandage around it draw eyes with glow in the pens to make the spider wrap black wool around the cork and glue on pipe cleaners for legs
scrunch up a piece of newspaper cover with black paper attach pipe cleaners for legs and use glow in the dark pens for eyes and extra effect
use a small oval Styrofoam shape and cover with paint or black paper cut out bat wings and glue oval on to wings use glow in the dark pens for eyes and lines on wings
Fold a white pipe cleaner in half twist it around a tiny oval Styrofoam shape or cardboard shape this will be body and arms fold another pipe cleaner in half and twist around body this makes the legs


How To Make A sequin (Pinflair style )Spider

October 29, 2011

seuin art spiderMaterials

2 black chenille stems (pipe cleaners) 

1 half polystyrene(styrofoam) ball

google eyes ,sequin pins,black sequins  

How  To Make

Pin on enough sequins to cover shape   

glue on eyes

cut each pipe cleaner into 4 pieces and glue or pin on to the side to make legs

How To Make Pom Pom Spider and Pumpkin

October 28, 2011

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2 Black bump chenille stems (pipe cleaners) — these have 4 bumps 1 for each leg

large black pom pom with hole

2 google eyes

How To Make

Cut the chenille in half and half again push pipe cleaner through pom pom—- – as you do this the plastic tube will come out of the pom pom—–

wind 3 pieces  onto each side to make 8 legs – glue on eyes (alternatively use sticky backed eyes)

Pumpkin Materials

1 large orange pom pom with ho;e

1 green chenille stem (pipe cleaner)

How To Make

Push green chenille through the hole in the pom pom -turn over a small piece to make the top fole the other piece into 2 triangular shape for feet Glue on google eyes or use sticky backed eyes  


Spooky Halloween Cards

October 26, 2011

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Cards using an assortment of  Bo Bunny papers and cut outs from cricut halloween cartridges  The grey card with the spider also has a spiders web made with a spirelli shape and sparkle thread.The card is A4 folded in half the papers are cut to leave a small border at each end of the card and stickers or peel offs are used to embellish along  with cut outs.Ink around the edges of the card with black or green staz on ink pad

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