How to make an O clock

July 29, 2014





















O clock designed by Anne B

Anne made the O clock using a paper mache letter

painted with black Pebeo studio acrylic paint and then polished with silver patina the front of the O was stippled using a stipple sponge the outer O was highly polished and the wooden frame for the face of the O’clock was painted black with Pebeo Studio Acrylic paint lightly rubbed with a soft cloth the rim of the wooden frame was left black the frame was glued to the O and the clock mechanism attached

Free make and take

July 15, 2014

383777_1893028305515_1338833946_n (2)Free Make and Take

Due to so much positive feedback after our charity Sunday

We have decided to offer the kids a free make and take craft on a Friday during the school holidays

Starting on Friday 18th July pop in between 1.30pm-3pm

Please note this is not a class all children to be accompanied by an adult

What are you making with your loom bands ?

July 12, 2014

smiley 1 ring 2 ring 1 panda 1 IMG_0224

Look at what Tai-Leigh has made now with the loom bands they are amazing I love the panda think I will make it into a keyring for myself. The smiley face is oh so cute and the flower ring looks cool on my finger
What are you all making share your creations post a photo on lainesworld facebook page

Every child in Scotland will have a “state minder”

July 9, 2014



I apologise to all my followers but I am outraged at this news

Normally my posts are about lainesworld projects etc that I have made but this has made my blood boil !


Writing in the Scotsman of how he penned a dystopian novel based around this very scenario of every child being assigned a government mentor, sociology and criminology lecturer at the University of Abertay Dundee Stuart Waiton writes, “Unfortunately, this dystopian future has arrived a little faster than I imagined, as last week the Scottish Government’s plan to give every child a state guardian from birth was launched.”

“This state-appointed overseer will be a specific, named individual, and every child will have one, from birth. The responsibility for creating this named guardian will fall on the heads of the health boards for the first five years of a child’s life, before being transferred to councils.”’

Loom Bands Amazing

July 8, 2014

lainesworld1 lainesworld2 lainesworld3 lainesworld5 lainesworld4 Lainesworld in loom bands how amazing is that!

All these wonderful designs were made by Tai-Leigh  8 years old I think we now have our youngest member of Lainesworld design team

I love them all the strawberry looks good enough to eat

Thank you Tai-Leigh

Loom Band Craze

July 7, 2014

loom band2loom band 3This is a quick post for all my loyal followers

Are you running out of loom band clips

Use a button to fasten your loom bands



Kidscraft Summer Workshops

July 5, 2014

Kidscraft workshops during the Summer school holidays

Thursdays 6pm-7.30pm

children aged 5 years upwards

cost £7.50 per workshop

Some of our lucky boxes on Sunday had vouchers for a free childs workshop why not use it now and book one of the weeks during the holiday

If you won a voucher and your child is under 5 years please contact Lainesworld and we may be able to organise a ‘wee’ class

Happy Summer Crafting

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Loom Bands only £1.00 per bag

July 3, 2014

Loom bands have invaded Lainesworld

Striped, Bright ,Pastel, Scented, Glow in the dark, camouflage

£1.00 for 300 —  includes clips and hook   

Lainesworld’s designer is beavering away making up some samples I will post photos very soon

There is limited stock and they are flying out the door already



lainesworld thanks you

July 1, 2014

Thank you to everyone who visited Lainesworld on Sunday

It was super to see the children having fun crafting in the shop and to meet all the ‘wee inschy winchy spiders’ on the treasure hunt thank you for putting laines on the map.

Hope that the children and adults had as much fun as we did.

A huge thank you to all who bought a raffle and lucky boxes we will be sending a cheque to MNDS very soon.

Thank you to Anne and Meg for their help and support with the preparations leading up to Sunday.

The best thing for me was having my two girls at home helping mum in the shop just like old times

Thank you Sus and Annie xx

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