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August 25, 2015

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for age 5 upwards


Christmas Baubles project for all ages

November 10, 2014

IMG_0361 IMG_0370IMG_0368IMG_0365












Easy projects for all ages

Painted and decorated Christmas baubles















How to make a pompom reindeer

December 19, 2011

how to make a pompom reindeerpompom with hole

glitter pipe cleaner/chenille stem

small red glitter pompom

googly eyes

How to make

cut pipe cleaner in half thread through the hole – the plastic inner will come out as you push the pipe cleaner through

cut theother pipe cleaner in half again wind around each side to make antlers

glue on red pompom for nose and glue on googly eyes -alternatively use sticky backed googly eyes

Can be used as a bauble on the tree.glue onto a hair slide ,glue onto a brooch back 

recycled bauble reindeeralternative

Recycled Christmas Bauble

use a recycled bauble wind the pipe cleaner through the hanger and make up the same way as pompom reindeer

How To Make A Beaded Star Christmas Tree

December 11, 2011

Star Christmas Tree 


acrylic star beads 2 large 2 medium 2 small 3 tiny

pipe cleaner/chenille stem


Thread beads onto pipe cleaner starting with the large and decrease in size  so that the tiny beads make the top of tree – the beads slot easily into place -leave a small piece of pipe cleaner at both ends curl at the bottom to stop beads from falling off and turn pipe cleaner at the top to make a hanger  

How To Make a Traditional Holly Wreath

November 13, 2011
Make your own Festive Holly Wreath. This project steps you through the assembly process of creating a personalised holly wreath that will last for ages, and with it’s construction techniques will allow it to weather the storms of winter.

bullet Requirements.

bullet 8, 10 or 12 inch Holly Ring
bullet Rose wire or Reel wire
bullet Green Twine
bullet Straw or Newspaper.
bullet Holly
bullet Wire cutters / pruners
bullet Garden Gloves.

bullet Additional items

bullet Cypress, Ivy, Box, Mistletoe.
bullet Silk or Plastic Flowers
bullet Florist Ribbon
bullet Fir Cones
bullet Fruits
bullet Cinnamon Sticks
bullet Plastic Berries
bullet Christmas Decorations

bullet Cherubs
bullet Angels etc

Step One

bullet Choice of Holly Wreath Ring size.


The Holly wreath rings are available in 8, 10 and 12 inch sizes. This dimension refers to the size of the ring. The completed wreath will be between 4 and 6 larger than the base ring depending on how thickly you the holly. A standard size wreath is made on an 8 inch ring. A 12 inch ring will make a large wreath for a large front door.

bullet Step Two

bullet Covering your wreath ring.


We have chosen to use a base of straw (hay), you should be able to acquire some from a neighbourhood farmer or equestrian centre. If you have no access to straw, you can use either newsprint or kitchen roll.


Take a handful of straw and shape it round your ring, while binding it to the ring using a strong binding twine. If using newsprint or other paper, scrunch and twist several sheets together then shape and bind to the wreath ring using the twine. You may also use Moss to wrap your wreath ring. Moss can be purchased at a good garden centre. Finish off by cutting away lose straw etc. If you intend using your wreath as a table decoration etc, you may wish to isolate the straw, or paper by wrapping strips of cling film around the ring



Take a handful of straw and shape it round your ring, while binding it to the ring using a strong binding twine   A useful aid to wreath making, are skaters knee pads. Strapped to the inner side of the knees they act as a protective shield when binding the clusters to the wreath ring. A useful aid to wreath making, are skaters knee pads.
Cut sprigs of holly, cypress, mistletoe etc. Spring should be between 4 and 10 inches long. The longer the sprigs the larger your completed wreath will be. A good selection would be a large spring with berries, a piece of cypress a piece of plain holly and a small piece of variegated holly

bullet Step Three

bullet Preparing your holly sprigs for binding

Cut sprigs of holly, cypress, mistletoe etc. Spring should be between 4 and 10 inches long. The longer the sprigs the larger your completed wreath will be. A good selection would be a large spring with berries, a piece of cypress a piece of plain holly and a small piece of variegated holly

Collect the sprigs for your cluster and bind together close to the base with reel  wire or rose wire.

bullet Collect the sprigs for your cluster and bind together close to the base with reel  wire or rose wire. Leave a 1 inch tail of wire before tightly wrapping the wire around the cluster two or three times. Cut the wire and tie off.

A cluster made with berried holly, traditional spiked holly and cypress.

bullet A cluster made with berried holly, traditional spiked holly and cypress.


bullet STEP FOUR

bullet Binding the clusters to the wreath ring

Tie the green twine to the holly ring. Tightly bind the string around the ring about three times. While holding the string tight place your first cluster on the holly ring, towards the centre. Tightly bind the cluster to the wring with at least three rotations. Place the next cluster on the ring facing the some direction, about one inch along and towards the centre of the ring. Again tightly bind with at least three rotations. Add the third cluster facing the same direction about one inch further along and towards the outer edge of the ring. Secure tightly with three rotations of the twine.

Repeat this process again, starting towards the inner edge of the ring. Once you have circled the ring, lift up the first cluster and tie of the last cluster underneath. Finally tie off the twine at the back of the ring. Use a screwdriver to force the twine beneath one of the bindings and tie off securely. You could also create a hanging loop at this stage. Now firmly hold the wreath ring in one hand and with the other  push the holly forwards away from the back of the to give a uniform shape. Trim any excess holly from the wreath using pruners or wire cutters

bullet Adding Flowers, Colour etc

bullet The simplest additions can be made using Christmas Rose Picks or Poinsettia Picks. The wire of these picks is strong enough to be pushed through the ring. Pull the wire from the back with pliers, bend the wire back on itself and push the sharp end back into the ring at an angle to ensure it does not exit the ring. 
bullet You can use other flowers etc by first wiring them to some stem wire.
bullet Add florist ribbon to add colour and flair.
bullet A stunning effect can be achieved with careful use of Gold or Silver Spray Paint. Simply mist spray the wreath from at least one foot away, with short bursts of spray while moving the can back and forth.
bullet To add Walnuts, Fir Cones etc. Secure the Walnut by wrapping wire around the nut like you would tie up a parcel, leaving one long end of wire to secure the nut to the Wreath. Holding the nut by the wire, spray the nut with gold or silver spray paint. All to dry then secure to your wreath. When using a fir cone, secure the wire around the cone one or two levels up, and spray paint as per the walnut.
bullet Add additional colour by using vividly coloured dried or artificial fruits such as Red Pepper or Tangerines. secure the fruits with wire and either build them into your clusters as at step three, or wire into the wreath.








How to glass paint a tealight holder

October 29, 2011

A quick and simple Christmas Tee Light Decoration, made using an Old CD, acetate, Peel Offs Stickers, candy Tray, Transparent Glass paint (Pebeo Vitrail, Pebeo Vitrea 160 Pens) and Glue. The outline of the Pee-off’s give a leaded stained glass appearance to the design.

Peel Off Sticker on acetate Peel Off Sticker on acetate after painting

Peel Off Sticker on an acetate sheet

Peel Off Sticker on acetate sheet with the cavity area painted using Pebeo Vitrea 16 Pens


bullet Cut a square of Acetate to approx 3.5″ by 3.5″
bullet Gently score a line approx 0.5″ up from the bottom of one side. This will act as the securing fold to the CD
bullet Select an appropriate Peel Off Sticker as your design.
bullet Stick this in the centre of the acetate sheet, with the base of your design between 0.25 and 0.75″ above the scored line ( or ensure that the centre of your design is approx 1.25″ above the score line. This is approx the height of the Tee Light Flame)
bullet Fill in the blank areas of your Peel Off Sticker with the glass paint, or glass pen, and allow to dry
bullet Stick a candy tray over the centre hole of the CD. This will hold your Tee Light in Place. Many Tee lights come with a lose metal or plastic cup. This can be used instead of the Candy Tray.

Christmas Tea Light





Christmas Tee Light Decoration


bullet Once your paint is dry and your Tee light holder is secure over the centre of the CD
bullet Fold the acetate sheet at right angles along the scored line away from the design.
bullet Secure the acetate sheet by the folded tab to the CD. Ensuing that the acetate is 0.5 to 0.75″ away from the edge of the Tee Light.
bullet Add extra detail to the Acetate sheet by sticking on spangles etc

CAUTION: Never leave your burning Candles unattended. Do not place your Creation in a draft or near flammable objects

Note: Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paints and Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass Paints are designed to be baked in an oven for a hardwearing finish. The paint will dry under normal conditions and is perfectly suitable for this project. After all You won’t be washing your decoration in the Dishwasher! Will You ??!!











How To Make A Reindeer Hair Clip

October 29, 2011

Peindeer hair clip project


bullet Plastic Hair Clip
bullet Gold Chenille Stem
bullet 2 x  10 mm  eyes
bullet 1″ Hole Pom pom Beige
bullet 0.5″ Glitter pom pom red
bullet PVA Glue


bullet Cut your Glitter Chenille stem in half. (one stem will do for two reindeer)
bullet Cut your half a pipe cleaner in half again
bullet Thread one piece of pipe cleaner through the hole in the pom pom by pushing the plastic insert out as you thread the antler through the hole.
bullet with the remaining half a pipe cleaner. cut it into three equal pieces then cut one length in half again.
bullet You will have two long and two short pieces of chenille.
bullet Wrap a long and short piece of chenille around each side to complete the antlers
bullet Use PVA glue to stick the eyes and nose to the face.
bullet Stick the Head onto the hair clip.

A quick and easy project made in minutes. you can stick the head to anything. Try sticking it to a magnet or on a greeting card.

A quick and easy project suitable for children



October 29, 2011

Pin Craft Christmas Bell Tree Decoration using Pinflair components and Christmas Ribbon

Pin Craft and Pinflair Components

Pin Craft or Pinflair is the art of pinning fabrics, or sequins etc to shapes or forms. Pinflair Polystyrene shapes are an ideal medium, allowing easy construction. Use filigree etc for finishing. easy to make Christmas Craft project in less than an hour

bullet Requirements

bullet Polystyrene Bell Shape 4 “ other sixes available
bullet Christmas Ribbon approx 6 metres 15mm wide
bullet Sequin Pins
bullet Filigree cap
bullet Gold or Silver Cord

bullet Preparation

bullet Cut ribbon into approx 58 10cm lengths. This number may vary depending on the closeness of the overlays

Pin Craft and Pinflair Components


bullet Find and mark the centre point of the base of the bell.
bullet Place a ribbon length on a flat surface face down
bullet From the centre of the the ribbon, fold over end by 45 degrees
bullet Fold over the other end the same way.
bullet Place the ribbon on the base of the bell and secure the fold point the the bell with a sequin pin to just off the centre point you marked on the base of the bell.
bullet The ribbon can be placed either face up or face down to provide a different finished effect. The bell illustrated was made with the face down.
bullet Secure the fold two fold ends to the bell.
bullet Repeat the process on the opposite side, and again at ninety degrees to them.
bullet This will then give a cross structure over the base of the bell.
bullet Repeat this again from the centre filling the for gaps between the ribbons.
bullet Depending on the width of your ribbon, and the size of the bell, you may have to add extra layers
bullet Once this initial round is completed, simply repeat the effect by adding more folded ribbon in layers, moving away from the base of the Bell.
bullet Continue layering until you reach the top of the bell.
bullet Fold over and ribbon ends and secure a filigree cap to the top of the bell to cover the ends, using a Teardrop Hatpin.


bullet Finishing Effects

bullet Finish off the Bell by adding:

bullet  A hanging cord to the Filigree Cap
bullet Coloured Pearl Headed  Pins to the sides of the bell.
bullet Secure a filigree Ball to the base of the bell using a Teardrop Hatpin to represent the bell chime

bullet Hints and Tips

bullet Try using an egg cup or cup to hold your bell upright while working on the base.
bullet Use decorative paper strips rather than ribbon
bullet Use Sequins or Bridal beads to add extra glitter to your bell
bullet Use a thimble for easy pin insertion and prevent finger pain.
bullet Use small lengths of ribbon on small bell sizes.
bullet For the accomplished pinner, try using a thinner ribbon for a very detailed effect
bullet Try using other polystyrene shapes as bases.
bullet As an alternative to ribbon try using Christmas Fabrics, simply cut in lengths and folded in the usual way.
bullet Try starting at the top of the bell and layer your bell the opposite way.

bullet Please remember that young children will be attracted to your bell, so hang it safely out of reach from children on your Christmas Tree.
bullet Guidelines on Pin Crafting



Childs Christmas Tiara

October 21, 2011

Required Components

  Materials Required

  1SILVER 12”PIPE CLEANER (chenille Stems)

  Make a small loop at each end, twist to secure
  Twist and secure sprays to pipecleaner
  Bend pipecleaner into a half circle.
  Secure the tiara to hair with hair grips
  Hints and Tips.

  Always use an odd number of sprays.
  You can add height by building a larger spray using three sprays wound together.

Punchinella Angel Christmas Decoration

October 18, 2011

Punchinella Angel

Punchinella Angel Project

bullet Materials Required

bullet 25cm (approx 10″) Punchinella
bullet Glitter Chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
bullet Polystyrene ball, bead, beaded head or a holy pom-pom 1.5cm

bullet Tools Required

bullet Scissors
bullet Felt Tipped Pens, or Acrylic Paint (Pebeo Deco)
bullet Knitting needle (if using a polystyrene ball)

bullet Method

bullet Cut two pieces of Punchinella

bullet 10 cm long
bullet 15 cm long

bullet Fold the Punchinella back and forth along its width. Making the folds 1cm apart. Repeat the process on the second piece of Punchinella.
bullet While pinching one end of the larger piece of folded Punchinella, thread about 3 inches of the glitter chenille through the top hole, bend back and twist around the longer length to secure.
bullet Pinch the smaller folded piece of Punchinella in the middle and fold
bullet Secure this at 90 degrees to the top of the body piece, by placing the fold between the two lengths of chenille. Twist the chenille to secure the wings to the body.
bullet If using a polystyrene shape. Paint or colour a face to the polystyrene ball using either paints or felt tipped pens. Allow to dry. Make a hole through the head by inserting the knitting needle.
bullet Thread both the long and short lengths of chenille stem through the head. Pull the head down to the top of the wings.
bullet Push the end of the small length back down the top of the head, making a halo loop around your finger.
bullet Insert the end of the longer chenille stem back into the top of the head, twisting the chenille to secure.
bullet If using a pom-pom or wooden bead, add facial features using wiggly eyes, felt pens etc


Punchinella or Sequin waste is the left over strip of material used to make Sequins. It is a strong flexible, inexpensive material with a host of crafting uses. Available in Circular or Star designs in a variety of colours.

Punchinella sold by the metre

bullet Fig 1.

bullet left 15cm length of folded punchinella
bullet right 10cm length of folded punchinella.

bullet Fig 2.

bullet Thread the glitter chenille through the top of the larger piece of punchinella.
bullet Secure the middle of the small piece to the top of the larger by placing it between the two lengths of chenille, twisting to secure.

bullet Finally

bullet fluff open the body and wings.
bullet hang your creation on the Christmas Tree

bullet These items are so quick and simple and ideal for children to make.
bullet Create a themed Christmas Tree by making dozens of angels to decorate your tree.

bullet Fig 3.

bullet Thread the two lengths through the head.
bullet Insert the ends back in the head.
bullet twist to secure.
bullet make a halo loop with the short end
bullet use the larger loop to hang your angel on the Christmas Tree.


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