Halloween Craft Workshop

October 13, 2015


Halloween Crafts

Children aged 11+

Thursday 1.30-3pm cost £7.50 per class

Children age 5+(p1 )

Friday 1.30-2.30pm cost £6.50 per class

Dragon Puppet

March 17, 2015

Kidscraft Classes Dragon Puppet


How To Make Spooky Haloween projects

October 14, 2014

SAM_0696 SAM_0713 SAM_0697 SAM_0686 SAM_0694 SAM_0700 SAM_0705 SAM_0723SAM_0715

Use a cork and wrap a finger gauze bandage around it draw eyes with glow in the pens to make the spider wrap black wool around the cork and glue on pipe cleaners for legs
scrunch up a piece of newspaper cover with black paper attach pipe cleaners for legs and use glow in the dark pens for eyes and extra effect
use a small oval Styrofoam shape and cover with paint or black paper cut out bat wings and glue oval on to wings use glow in the dark pens for eyes and lines on wings
Fold a white pipe cleaner in half twist it around a tiny oval Styrofoam shape or cardboard shape this will be body and arms fold another pipe cleaner in half and twist around body this makes the legs


Pebeo Fantasy Paint

September 3, 2014

SAM_0927 SAM_0929 IMG_0256 IMG_0102 IMG_0110

Pebeo fantasy paint simply drop paint on and watch it flow when it is dry it looks and feels like enamel





I used small wooden frames wooden shapes wooden faces and wooden  letters

Drop the shapes into the paint while still wet and they will stay in place as the paint hardens



How To Make A Reindeer Hair Clip

October 29, 2011

Peindeer hair clip project


bullet Plastic Hair Clip
bullet Gold Chenille Stem
bullet 2 x  10 mm  eyes
bullet 1″ Hole Pom pom Beige
bullet 0.5″ Glitter pom pom red
bullet PVA Glue


bullet Cut your Glitter Chenille stem in half. (one stem will do for two reindeer)
bullet Cut your half a pipe cleaner in half again
bullet Thread one piece of pipe cleaner through the hole in the pom pom by pushing the plastic insert out as you thread the antler through the hole.
bullet with the remaining half a pipe cleaner. cut it into three equal pieces then cut one length in half again.
bullet You will have two long and two short pieces of chenille.
bullet Wrap a long and short piece of chenille around each side to complete the antlers
bullet Use PVA glue to stick the eyes and nose to the face.
bullet Stick the Head onto the hair clip.

A quick and easy project made in minutes. you can stick the head to anything. Try sticking it to a magnet or on a greeting card.

A quick and easy project suitable for children



Bat and Bouncy Ball

August 10, 2011

bballbballBat and Ball cut 2 circles using mount board make a hole in the middle of the 2 boards attach a styrofoam  ball with thin elastic and tye a knot.  Cut a strip of board for the handle and glue inbetween the 2 circles .

Weaving Sticks using straws

June 30, 2011

 An easy project for all ages 

 straw weaving straw weaving 2straw weaving 3straw weaving braceletUsing 3 straws and 3 lengths of wool/thread – put 1 length of wool through each straw and tie a loose knot at the end.

Fold over a short length of wool on each straw and sellotape to keep in place -refer to diagrams.

Hold the three straws with one hand and with a ball of wool begin weaving front then back then front coming back over the straws the opposite way.Repeat until the straws are full then gently push the weaving down the straws -N.B. Do not push all of the weaving down off the straws

Repeat this until the required size – push all of the weaving off the straws and sew or tie to secure .Sew a  button on one end and use short loop of wool at the other end to complete the bracelet

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