Quick cards

May 22, 2011
quick card

quick birthday card

scottish wedding card/invite

May 22, 2011

Pearlescent card Tartan ribbon Mini thistle Peel off sticker or rubber stamp greeting  Scottish themed weddding card/invite


May 22, 2011


Use on a flat surface

Ensure front is on table and there is enough room to prevent the mat blocking

Blade 500-1500 cuts or 3 – weeks depending on paper/card used

Rotate the mat and use an older mat for thin paper

Use small piece card for smaller cuts and navigate blade using arrows

Unload —load last

 if done right after cut and can cut again

Set paper size

 and cricut will figure out size of card

Paper save

cricut will automatically work out  amount of card  to save waste of card

settings screen

change measurements from inches to cm

multi cut

default mat size

show previous cuts on screen

arrows to move through different selections

press ok button after you select-press ok button again to go to next menu-press settings button to exit

blade smaller no-shorter blade depth for light card/paper  higher no –loger blade depth for heavy card

if cuts are torn decrease cutting speed if that not work change blade or adjust blade setting

pressure  low=lightweight high=heavy card

Cricut tips 2


Usully measured from the lowest point to the highest point

Cricut will cut what it thinks is the proportionate size 

Real dial size Will cut the size you want

Eg cricut will cut a 2” letter in proportion to the height whereas the real dial setting will cut the letter at 2” in height


The cricut default setting is landscape press portrait the blade will move to the left hand side of the mat and will cut across the card

Portrait can be used with -mix n match – fit to page- quantity- auto fill

Mix and match press on mix n match select all characters you want to cut you can2” shadow

Mix n match can be used with portrait – fit to page-quantity-auto fill -fit to length

Fit to page Cricut will cut the character to use the optimum amount of space proportionally

Fit to length Cricut will cut the character to the optimal length —- only works on landscape

Auto fill cricut will cut to fill the page as many characters that will fit onto size of card

Multi cut Use for thick board use the settings panel to determine how many times to cut

Centre point only works on landscape

Move blade using arrows to the centre point of the character you want to cut

Press centre point button –press cut button and the cricut will cut around the outer perimeter 

Line return  Cricut will create line breaks between cuts

Space Creates a space between characters usefull when using the cricut colour markers

Flip –Flips character

Cricut  markers

The card must be placed on the right hand corner of the mat

Replace the cricut blade with a color marker

Make sure that the pressure and speed dials are at a low setting

Usually speed 3 pressure 2 

Press on character to draw and press cut button


Press the load button and replace the marker with the blade

Make sure the speed and pressure button is adjusted to suit card/paper you are cutting

Press repeat last button and the drawn character will be cut

Press the unload mat button when it finishes cutting

Note the machine will always start at the right hand corner if you want to draw and cut at a specific place on the mat use Design  Studio or Gypsy 

Cricut Embossing Folder

Cricut machine is used to cut and the Cuttlebug to emboss

Place embossing sheet onto the mat aligning it to the left corner of the mat

Load the mat and use the blade navigation arrows to place the blade to the right ha=nd corner of the embossing sheet

Press the paper size button and the cricut will display the new size

Choose the design to cut

Machine setting

Blade depth =6 (deep blade housing=4.5

Speed =3

Pressure =5

Multiple cut =2    (use the settings button to change the multi cut setting)

Select the size on the size dial

Press the cut button if the chosen size is to big the cricut will beep =change the size

Unload the mat and remove sheet –ensure that the the cut image stays together

Stick the whole sheet to the embossing folder (x2 mirror images)

Remove the release liner from one half of the sheet and stick into folder

Run the folder through the cuttlebug to make sure it is stuck properly and then remove liner from other half of sheet

Close folder and run it through the cuttlebug

The image should be split one on each half of the folder  

Embossing folder should be ready

Place card into folder and run through the cuttlebug

******Emboss using the Cricut machine***********

Please note this method is not an official Provocraft/cricut method 

This is done at your own risk

Lainesworld and Provocraft are not responsible for any damages as a result of using this tip  

Remove the blade from the housing turn it upside down so that the blunt edge replaces the blade edge insert into housing —Use an old blade—

Place a silicone embossing mat onto cricut mat place paper/card on top

Vellum settings 

Speed med

Pressure med

Blade 6

Foil settings

Pressure high

Speed med

Speed med

Blade 6

Card/paper settings

Pressure med/high

Speed med

Blade 6

 Choose design –press cut and the cricut will work as normal but using the blunt edge the cricut will emboss

It is trial and error to find the right silicone mat and settings


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