Lainesworld ATC Swap Information

March 13, 2010
  • ATC Swaps Information
    • All swaps to be in by 28th of each month – For example swap for Feb to be in by 28th Feb. And swaps sent out during the first week in March.
    • Please ensure that you have your name and address on the back of the cards, along with the title of the theme of the month.
    • You can have the following swaps
      • One of a kind 1/1
      • An Edition – Where all cards in your swap are the same. Please mark the reverse 1/5 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5 etc depending on how many you make.
      • A Series – Where cards are based on a theme, but all cards are different.
      • Each person to put in 3 cards for a swap, will receive 3 cards in return.
  • Please ensure that the correct postage is used for your SAE and your outgoing cards. PLEASE NOTE that in most instances Royal Mail will class your item as a Large Letter. 
What is as Artist Trading Cards (ATC) ?
  • ATC Specifications
    • Card size must be 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. The size of a Poker Card is about right, while a regular playing card is too small. Most traders cut card to size, using any medium weight card.
    • Any medium can be used to decorate the card, such as:
      • Paint
      • Paper
      • Toppers
      • Peel Offs
      • Rubber Stamps (when stamping please include the name of the stamp on the reverse of the card)
      • Just about anything from your craft box. It’s just like making a mini greeting card.
  • What’s the reason for ATC’s I hear you ask.
    • There is no reason – Artists have been trading and sharing cards like these for many years.
    • It’s seen as a way of sharing your designs with like minded people.
    • They cannot be sold, but can only be given as an act of kindness (rak) or swap. Just like the Pokemon and football cards children swap in the playground.
    • It’s fun for all ages.
  • Check out our Artist Trading Card Gallery for Ideas on how to get started.


  • Send your swaps to:
58-60 Commerce St
AB52 6JB
  • Please include a sae and ensure the correct postage rate is applied (usually large letter. This is becase of the thickness of the envelope, not the actual size)

Lainesworld ATC Swap Themes for 2010

March 13, 2010
LainesWorld ATC Swap Theme List for 2010
  • 2010 ATC Themes
    • January    –      NO SWAP
    • February   –      Fabric stripes
    • March       –      Spring flowers
    • April         –      String art
    • May          –      Musical show
    • June         –      Use sand and paint
    • July          –      My space
    • August      –      Abstract pattern
    • September –      On the farm
    • October     –      Emboss and colour
    • November  –      Storybook
    • December  –      Winter woollies.
  • Please ensure all swaps in by 28th month – Please use the correct postage.

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