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March 17, 2015

Kidscraft Classes Dragon Puppet


Lainesworld Workshops

January 6, 2015

Now that my battery is fully charged and the shop is open for another year

Let me wish all my family, friends and customers a happy, healthy, crafty new year

Thank you to everyone for your continued support over the year and look forward to more craftiness this year

All workshops will resume next week  we will all be making a Christmas mini scrapbook so if you have a few photos from Christmas please take them with you


Crafters Clinic 1.30pm

Adult craft/card making 7pm

Thursday 6pm Teencrafts  p7-secondary

Friday pm Under 5’s crafts

Friday 6pm Kidscrafts p1-p7

Kidscraft Workshops

October 27, 2014

Christmas workshops for the children

Thursdays 6pm-7.30pm p7 upwards

Cost £7.50 per workshop

Fridays 6pm-7.30pm p1-p7

Cost £7.50 per workshop

We will be making Christmas decorations and gifts

Book now limited spaces available

Kidscraft Summer Workshops

July 5, 2014

Kidscraft workshops during the Summer school holidays

Thursdays 6pm-7.30pm

children aged 5 years upwards

cost £7.50 per workshop

Some of our lucky boxes on Sunday had vouchers for a free childs workshop why not use it now and book one of the weeks during the holiday

If you won a voucher and your child is under 5 years please contact Lainesworld and we may be able to organise a ‘wee’ class

Happy Summer Crafting

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October 8, 2011

kidscrafts ,paint a canvas


Canvas painted using Pebeo acrylic paints shapes cut using cricut and several cartridges and loads of bling. Designed by Laines youngest art designer (3 years ) 

Bat and Bouncy Ball

August 10, 2011

bballbballBat and Ball cut 2 circles using mount board make a hole in the middle of the 2 boards attach a styrofoam  ball with thin elastic and tye a knot.  Cut a strip of board for the handle and glue inbetween the 2 circles .

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