Pin Craft Christmas Bell Tree Decoration using Pinflair components and Christmas Ribbon

Pin Craft and Pinflair Components

Pin Craft or Pinflair is the art of pinning fabrics, or sequins etc to shapes or forms. Pinflair Polystyrene shapes are an ideal medium, allowing easy construction. Use filigree etc for finishing. easy to make Christmas Craft project in less than an hour

bullet Requirements

bullet Polystyrene Bell Shape 4 “ other sixes available
bullet Christmas Ribbon approx 6 metres 15mm wide
bullet Sequin Pins
bullet Filigree cap
bullet Gold or Silver Cord

bullet Preparation

bullet Cut ribbon into approx 58 10cm lengths. This number may vary depending on the closeness of the overlays

Pin Craft and Pinflair Components


bullet Find and mark the centre point of the base of the bell.
bullet Place a ribbon length on a flat surface face down
bullet From the centre of the the ribbon, fold over end by 45 degrees
bullet Fold over the other end the same way.
bullet Place the ribbon on the base of the bell and secure the fold point the the bell with a sequin pin to just off the centre point you marked on the base of the bell.
bullet The ribbon can be placed either face up or face down to provide a different finished effect. The bell illustrated was made with the face down.
bullet Secure the fold two fold ends to the bell.
bullet Repeat the process on the opposite side, and again at ninety degrees to them.
bullet This will then give a cross structure over the base of the bell.
bullet Repeat this again from the centre filling the for gaps between the ribbons.
bullet Depending on the width of your ribbon, and the size of the bell, you may have to add extra layers
bullet Once this initial round is completed, simply repeat the effect by adding more folded ribbon in layers, moving away from the base of the Bell.
bullet Continue layering until you reach the top of the bell.
bullet Fold over and ribbon ends and secure a filigree cap to the top of the bell to cover the ends, using a Teardrop Hatpin.


bullet Finishing Effects

bullet Finish off the Bell by adding:

bullet  A hanging cord to the Filigree Cap
bullet Coloured Pearl Headed  Pins to the sides of the bell.
bullet Secure a filigree Ball to the base of the bell using a Teardrop Hatpin to represent the bell chime

bullet Hints and Tips

bullet Try using an egg cup or cup to hold your bell upright while working on the base.
bullet Use decorative paper strips rather than ribbon
bullet Use Sequins or Bridal beads to add extra glitter to your bell
bullet Use a thimble for easy pin insertion and prevent finger pain.
bullet Use small lengths of ribbon on small bell sizes.
bullet For the accomplished pinner, try using a thinner ribbon for a very detailed effect
bullet Try using other polystyrene shapes as bases.
bullet As an alternative to ribbon try using Christmas Fabrics, simply cut in lengths and folded in the usual way.
bullet Try starting at the top of the bell and layer your bell the opposite way.

bullet Please remember that young children will be attracted to your bell, so hang it safely out of reach from children on your Christmas Tree.
bullet Guidelines on Pin Crafting



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