Apologies to all my followers I have been away from my blog too long

May 13, 2014

Quick update


I had a horrific two weeks when my eyes were worse than they have ever been it was then decided that although the scratches on the retina were healing I was now allergic to about everything that has a smell even my own perfume that I have used for years !

I was also banned from going anywhere near fresh flowers- the day before my eyes flared up I had made 2 mock wedding bouquets for my daughter

The good news is that I now have tablets to take as soon as my eyes flare up

As previously mentioned it was our daughters wedding in August 2012 I will be posting more about stationery etc later


I had two 21st parties to arrange making the decorations was the fun part !

Near the end of the year we decided that our website had become outdated and needed revamped  so after a lot of thought we decided to start afresh . So we have been beavering away trying to add our products to the site along with major changes to the structure e.g.we are trying to show stock level for each item  but as you can imagine it all takes time if you have a moment have a look in we would welcome your feedback

Okay lets see if I can actually get this posted before it disappears of my screen again (did I mention I got a new touch screen laptop !!!)

E x

How To Make A Beaded Star Christmas Tree

December 11, 2011

Star Christmas Tree 


acrylic star beads 2 large 2 medium 2 small 3 tiny

pipe cleaner/chenille stem


Thread beads onto pipe cleaner starting with the large and decrease in size  so that the tiny beads make the top of tree – the beads slot easily into place -leave a small piece of pipe cleaner at both ends curl at the bottom to stop beads from falling off and turn pipe cleaner at the top to make a hanger  

How To Make Pom Pom Spider and Pumpkin

October 28, 2011

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2 Black bump chenille stems (pipe cleaners) — these have 4 bumps 1 for each leg

large black pom pom with hole

2 google eyes

How To Make

Cut the chenille in half and half again push pipe cleaner through pom pom—- – as you do this the plastic tube will come out of the pom pom—–

wind 3 pieces  onto each side to make 8 legs – glue on eyes (alternatively use sticky backed eyes)

Pumpkin Materials

1 large orange pom pom with ho;e

1 green chenille stem (pipe cleaner)

How To Make

Push green chenille through the hole in the pom pom -turn over a small piece to make the top fole the other piece into 2 triangular shape for feet Glue on google eyes or use sticky backed eyes  


Eyelet Ribbon Lace Christmas Angel Decoration

October 18, 2011

Christmas Angel Tree Decoration  

  • Requirements
    • 13″ or (33cm) of ribbon
    • 1 gold/silver chenille stem.12″ (30cm)
    • 1 wooden doll head or wooden bead/poly ball or flat wooden friendly
      faces (best for cards). 1/2″ approx (1.5cm)
    • PVA adhesive.
  • Method
    • Lace the chenille stem through each of the holes on the edge
      of the Ribbon Lace.
    • Bunch the lace together in the middle of the chenille stem.
    • Twist the stems once to secure.
    • thread the dolls head bead through one of the chenille stem
    • Place your finger on the top of the dolls head and wrap the
      chenille stem around your finger to create the halo.
    • twist the stem to secure.
    • Make a hook with the remaining end of the chenille for
      securing to your Christmas Tree
    • The remaining chenille stem end can either cut and removed or
      used for additional security for attachment to your tree.
    • Fold back the wing ends to give a clean edge, secure the flaps
      with a dab of PVA glue.
  • Hints and Tips

    • For quick results secure the folded back flaps with a little
      double sided tape or foam pad.
    • Substitute the Dolls Head bead with standard bead and make
      facial markings with a felt pen.
    • Create a themed Christmas Tree using 24 angels on a tree lit
      with plain lights and covered in angel hair.
    • Stick to Angel on a aperture card for an interesting Christmas


Ribbon Lace, Chennile Stem, Bead Dolls Head
Ribbon Eyelet lace threaded with chenille stem
Thread the Ribbon lace with the chenille
Christmas Angel project.
Bunch the Lace in the center of the
chenille stem. Twist the stems once to secure
For a smaller version of this Angel which
will give a flatter appearance for Christmas Cards see the
& Swirls Angel
Ribbon Lace Christmas Tree Angel
Christmas Tree Angel Project

Eyelet Ribbon Lace Christmas Angel Decoration

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