Weaving Sticks using straws

June 30, 2011

 An easy project for all ages 

 straw weaving straw weaving 2straw weaving 3straw weaving braceletUsing 3 straws and 3 lengths of wool/thread – put 1 length of wool through each straw and tie a loose knot at the end.

Fold over a short length of wool on each straw and sellotape to keep in place -refer to diagrams.

Hold the three straws with one hand and with a ball of wool begin weaving front then back then front coming back over the straws the opposite way.Repeat until the straws are full then gently push the weaving down the straws -N.B. Do not push all of the weaving down off the straws

Repeat this until the required size – push all of the weaving off the straws and sew or tie to secure .Sew a  button on one end and use short loop of wool at the other end to complete the bracelet

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