Apologies to all my followers I have been away from my blog too long

Quick update


I had a horrific two weeks when my eyes were worse than they have ever been it was then decided that although the scratches on the retina were healing I was now allergic to about everything that has a smell even my own perfume that I have used for years !

I was also banned from going anywhere near fresh flowers- the day before my eyes flared up I had made 2 mock wedding bouquets for my daughter

The good news is that I now have tablets to take as soon as my eyes flare up

As previously mentioned it was our daughters wedding in August 2012 I will be posting more about stationery etc later


I had two 21st parties to arrange making the decorations was the fun part !

Near the end of the year we decided that our website had become outdated and needed revamped  so after a lot of thought we decided to start afresh . So we have been beavering away trying to add our products to the site along with major changes to the structure e.g.we are trying to show stock level for each item  but as you can imagine it all takes time if you have a moment have a look in we would welcome your feedback

Okay lets see if I can actually get this posted before it disappears of my screen again (did I mention I got a new touch screen laptop !!!)

E x

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