How To Make Pom Pom Spider and Pumpkin

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2 Black bump chenille stems (pipe cleaners) — these have 4 bumps 1 for each leg

large black pom pom with hole

2 google eyes

How To Make

Cut the chenille in half and half again push pipe cleaner through pom pom—- – as you do this the plastic tube will come out of the pom pom—–

wind 3 pieces  onto each side to make 8 legs – glue on eyes (alternatively use sticky backed eyes)

Pumpkin Materials

1 large orange pom pom with ho;e

1 green chenille stem (pipe cleaner)

How To Make

Push green chenille through the hole in the pom pom -turn over a small piece to make the top fole the other piece into 2 triangular shape for feet Glue on google eyes or use sticky backed eyes  


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