Punchinella Angel Christmas Decoration

Punchinella Angel

Punchinella Angel Project

bullet Materials Required

bullet 25cm (approx 10″) Punchinella
bullet Glitter Chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
bullet Polystyrene ball, bead, beaded head or a holy pom-pom 1.5cm

bullet Tools Required

bullet Scissors
bullet Felt Tipped Pens, or Acrylic Paint (Pebeo Deco)
bullet Knitting needle (if using a polystyrene ball)

bullet Method

bullet Cut two pieces of Punchinella

bullet 10 cm long
bullet 15 cm long

bullet Fold the Punchinella back and forth along its width. Making the folds 1cm apart. Repeat the process on the second piece of Punchinella.
bullet While pinching one end of the larger piece of folded Punchinella, thread about 3 inches of the glitter chenille through the top hole, bend back and twist around the longer length to secure.
bullet Pinch the smaller folded piece of Punchinella in the middle and fold
bullet Secure this at 90 degrees to the top of the body piece, by placing the fold between the two lengths of chenille. Twist the chenille to secure the wings to the body.
bullet If using a polystyrene shape. Paint or colour a face to the polystyrene ball using either paints or felt tipped pens. Allow to dry. Make a hole through the head by inserting the knitting needle.
bullet Thread both the long and short lengths of chenille stem through the head. Pull the head down to the top of the wings.
bullet Push the end of the small length back down the top of the head, making a halo loop around your finger.
bullet Insert the end of the longer chenille stem back into the top of the head, twisting the chenille to secure.
bullet If using a pom-pom or wooden bead, add facial features using wiggly eyes, felt pens etc


Punchinella or Sequin waste is the left over strip of material used to make Sequins. It is a strong flexible, inexpensive material with a host of crafting uses. Available in Circular or Star designs in a variety of colours.

Punchinella sold by the metre

bullet Fig 1.

bullet left 15cm length of folded punchinella
bullet right 10cm length of folded punchinella.

bullet Fig 2.

bullet Thread the glitter chenille through the top of the larger piece of punchinella.
bullet Secure the middle of the small piece to the top of the larger by placing it between the two lengths of chenille, twisting to secure.

bullet Finally

bullet fluff open the body and wings.
bullet hang your creation on the Christmas Tree

bullet These items are so quick and simple and ideal for children to make.
bullet Create a themed Christmas Tree by making dozens of angels to decorate your tree.

bullet Fig 3.

bullet Thread the two lengths through the head.
bullet Insert the ends back in the head.
bullet twist to secure.
bullet make a halo loop with the short end
bullet use the larger loop to hang your angel on the Christmas Tree.


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