Winter Joy Flower

The Winter Joy flower is a simple to make craft project ideal for the young children.


bullet Requirements


bullet 1 blue glitter pom pom
bullet 1 spaghetti strand
bullet Small piece of millennium tartan ribbon or felt etc for leaves
bullet 7 pieces of fluted macaroni semi-circles
bullet Glue gun or craft glue
bullet Silver spray paint




bullet Method


bullet Spray the macaroni and spaghetti with silver spray paint.
bullet cut two small leaf shapes from the millennium tartan ribbon.
bullet glue the macaroni shapes around the edge of the pom pom.
bullet glue the leaves to the spaghetti stem.
bullet glue the stem to the back of the pom pom



Hey Presto, a Wonderful Winter flower.To display your millennium Joy, add a little panache to your flower, display it in a silver container with some silver sprayed twigs and florist

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