18th birthday son

Each year you grow taller

I remember when you were smaller

When you were wee

You sat on my knee

Telling me what you’d grow up to be

A postman, fireman, a presenter on TV

On your bottom you did shuffle

You pretended to be a mutant turtle

You could not reach the table

You were vocal but never a grumble

You drank milk by the gallon

You dressed up as a demon

You climbed the tree

Hanging there like a monkey

Karate, biking, football

You tried them all

Rugby and wrestling with Christy

Oh now my eyes have come over misty

I find it really tough

Not to write the lovey dovey stuff

Please this once let me be

It’s not every year you turn eighteen

The day you were born to me

I knew then how special you would be

It wont matter how old you grow

In my heart I will always know

You are my darling baby boy

Wishing you loads of love and joy



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