Hands on demonstration evening at BACAS

I am just home from a very enjoyable evening with the ladies and gentleman(the other male members are on holiday)at BACAS in Inverurie.BACAS short for Benachie Art And Craft Appreciation Society is a non profit society for artists crafters and people interested in the arts crafts.We have visitors come along to demonstrate showing us all sorts of wonderfull art craft etc There are trips arranged and exhibitions to show and hopefully sell your items if you want to It was my turn tonight to demonstrate I am more a hands on person so everyone had a go at making a frame  and a star book all seemed to enjoy the evening and the cake and tea was scrumptious

 We meet once a month normally the last Tuesday from 7.30pm-9pm at the Catholic Church Hall all are wellcome to join.Maybe see some of you there – if you need more info please get in touch Remember you do not need to be a crafter/artist to join

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